Wonderful Wednesday ~ 2-5-20

In the Summer Olympic sport of kayaking, contestants mostly go with the current, navigating through gates. At times they are asked to reverse direction back into the mainstream current. Going with the current is easier than going against the current.
The same is true in the Christian life. James 4:6 says that God gives grace to the humble but resists the proud. Humility is going with God’s “current” while pride is resisting His “current”. Think of God’s role as a shepherd of His sheep. One of a shepherd’s responsibilities is to lead his sheep. Following the shepherd is to go with the flow; going one’s own way is to risk danger. The Bible is filled with images of God as a shepherd who leads His sheep. Contented, peaceful sheep are those who follow God into places of rest and provision.
When life gets challenging, check to see if you are following God or not. Even if He leads us into a storm, if He is there we can be at rest. Someone once said; “It costs to follow Jesus Christ, but it costs more not to.”
~Pastor Woody

Wonderful Wednesday ~ 1-29-20

It is amazing what God has accomplished through the lives of those who follow Him. Could Joshua have dreamed the walls of Jericho would fall after a march, a trumpet blast, and a cry from the people? Could Simon Peter have imagined walking on water? Would Moses have expected to hold back the Red Sea? We serve a powerful God whose abilities and strength surpass our limited imaginations, and the exciting thing is that He often uses us in the process of getting the job done.
The same power that destroyed the mighty walls of Jericho, enabled Peter to walk on water, and divided the sea so the Israelites could cross on dry ground is still available to us. Our own power is limited to our mortal minds and bodies, but Matthew 19: 26 tells us that “with God all things are possible.”
If you are facing a task that seems impossible, you may become discouraged if you try to accomplish it on your own. So, ask God how He wants you to get the job done. You may be surprised at the creativity and resourcefulness God provides as He enables you to fulfill His calling.
~Pastor Woody

Wonderful Wednesday ~ 1-22-20

Most of the time we measure success by results. If the sports team scores higher than their opponents, we call them winners. If the salesman secures new clients, his company offers him a bonus.
In the parable of the sower (Matthew 13:18-23), we realize that if we judge strictly by mathematical results, the sower could not possibly be deemed a success, since only a fourth of the seed he sows bears fruit in the end.
We must remember, however, that it is God who makes the seeds grow. We only work on his behalf. While God has chosen to partner with His people to spread His Word, He is the one who produces results. Therefore, when we seemingly win or influence only a small proportion of those with whom we share our faith, we needn’t be discouraged. We’ve done what God has commended us to do and can do no more. The apostle Paul reminds us that God only wants us to be faithful and leave the results to Him.
When it comes to sharing our faith, effort really does count. Matthew Henry wrote: “With God, saying and doing are not two things as they are with men. God will do what He has said.”
~Pastor Woody
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